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A Guide for the Teenage Mystic
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Building a connection with your inner mystic, or divine self, is essential to living your best life. This guide includes practices that can help you build this connection, as well as specific writing prompts to help you get to know yourself better and become more intentional in your choices. It also examines how becoming a mystic (someone with a strong connection to their own spirit) can help you navigate common rites of passage you are likely to encounter throughout your teenage years.

This is for the young people who despair at the world’s problems, who know the adults don’t have the answers, and who are determined to find hope. This is for anyone looking for a beacon.

That beacon is within, and this book will help you find it, connect with it, and keep it shining bright enough to be your eternal guide. No matter what background or beliefs you’ve been raised with, this book is a guide to develop your spirit, your intuition, your joy, and your courage. This work will help you uncover your authentic self, own your power, and follow the path to true freedom.  

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Rose sits at the bar drinking cranberry juice nightly grieving the love of her life, tucked away in memories, joys, and regrets. 2000 miles away, Mahogany grapples with the loss of her mother and her failing marriage. When Mahogany finds a box of cards hidden in her mom's closet and signed, "Mom", she becomes determined to travel to New Mexico to meet a grandmother she didn't know existed.  In the unique town of Madrid, New Mexico, a group of strangers converge. Through the sharing of their stories and through solving a mystery involving some long buried bones in the desert, they each find their way towards healing.   Salamandra is a novel about the liminal space we exist in when in deep grief, and the ways our spirit manages to move us forward.

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The Quest: One Woman's Search for the Magic Elixir

A broken heart can be a catalyst for soul searching. In my case, I recognized I had spent my life on a quest for something I couldn't define. I wanted to find out what it was I truly wanted. As a young woman, I sought a magic elixir to deal with life, and thought I found it in alcohol and drugs. Later, I thought I found it in sobriety, in marriage, in motherhood. Eventually, I sought it in getting degrees, and following a teaching career. Over and over, I found that these external circumstances didn't bring to me what it was I was seeking. It would take a broken heart, a tragic death, and a pandemic for me to uncover and align with my soul path and find wholeness in self-acceptance. This book will appeal to anyone who has sought, and struggled to find peace, joy and presence. It will appeal to those in recovery, or those who have loved, forgiven, grieved an addict or alcoholic in their life. It will appeal to anyone seeking strength on the journey, seeking to claim their life as their own, and live according to their soul’s purpose.

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